The Oldest New Way to Pay for Construction

To solve what has become a complex problem, BuildPay went all the way back to the handshake. We used Financial Technology to simply hardwire the important promises, which meant removing unnecessary processes built up over centuries; and the result is faster construction that costs less.


Everyone in the payment chain – from the funder to the suppliers – accesses their project online though BuildPay’s webapp.


Promises are hardwired into the system. We’ll keep your agreements so you can get back to work.


See purchased materials receipts, project activity, bill for completed work, and make payments.


The rebuilt project payment chain means payments are direct and projects can finish faster.

The Problem

  • Multiple banks add risk, cost, and time
  • World leading accounts receivable & working capital issues
The Problem

The BuildPay Solution

  • Technology assures rapid payment at all levels
  • Highest level of buying power for every project
The Solution

BuildPay is Construction Funds Control for Everyone

Reduce the cost on claims and make your customers whole – faster – with value added
You see who is paid and what they procured – from top to bottom – in real-time
With BuildPay, the days of chasing down payments and stretching credit are gone
Payment is instant and the pain of waiting on account receivables in removed

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