Jan 29, 2018 – Watch the [FAA approved airspace] skies forthe newest licensed drone pilot! Ross Wightman, of BuildPay’s product and business development team, was issued his drone piloting license from the Airman Certificate’s Branch (IACRA) after successfully testing at The Academy of Aviation in White Plains, a certified CATS testing facility.

BuildPay’s construction payment technology already sets itself apart from other industry tech solutions by being a hub of data collection and dissemination. Data and project transparency is a hallmark of BuildPay’s solution.

“As a company, we’ve positioned our tech in the epicenter of all the construction chaos: payment. From that vantage point, we’re able to collect enormous amounts of invaluable data for the industry because it’s the one thing that all construction projects have in common.” – said BuildPay CEO, Steve Wightman.

Wightman is excited about the data acquisition possibilities when combining the information from BuildPay’s ever-growing database with the new aerial perspective that drone flights allow.