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Make Construction Great Again

Got an earful the other day from a contractor certain that the construction industry “will not exist in five years”. After decades of steady conflict and too few positive deposits the differences were irreconcilable. He complained about b

Purchasing Presence

All construction has just one thing in common; it’s all supposed to get paid for.

Profiteering Pinch

Capitalism is a great thing, right? I still fondly remember a short Disney movie from 4th grade about a group of bored kids spotting a need to create a business providing sundries at the beach. Their business made the people happier, the beach a lot

Capital Catastrophe

Let’s face it, insurers do not get a lot of respect following catastrophes, despite extraordinary efforts to satisfy their check-writing obligations. Even generous, instantaneous checks do not begin to crack the chaotic reconstruction problems that insurers, in disaster-affected areas, face. And then insurers often pay 30% - 40% more for “demand surge”....

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