What is BuildPay?
BuildPay is a revolutionary way to strip the complexity out of construction payments.   The on-line system electronically links everyone in the construction chain, speeding up and assuring payment – which in turn saves time and money on the job.
How does BuildPay work?
Paper checks and chasing down funding becomes a thing of the past. Project funds are held in a bank escrow account and paid directly and quickly through BuildPay. Contractors don’t need to use their own credit for materials because payments can be made directly via a BuildPay ACH card linked to those committed funds. GC’s and subs can get paid immediately, with funds transferred directly into their bank accounts as work gets done.   People get paid – faster and for sure.
Who uses BuildPay?
Construction funders like insurance companies and developers. Project owners and homeowners. Contractor and sub-contractors. All types of construction material providers. BuildPay connects everyone in the construction chain – a series of electronic handshakes that ensures promises get kept and work gets done.
How much does BuildPay cost?
Small transaction fees are paid by the funder. There are no costs, ever, to contractors. Suppliers pay just the small initial set up costs when they join the program.
How do I sign up?
When a project is initiated, you will be invited via email by an owner, or a superior contractor.   Or, contractors can pre-register to get ahead of the process by clicking here.
Where can I use BuildPay?
BuildPay has relationships with thousands of suppliers in the areas we operate – the same guys contractors use on a daily basis. If someone is not in BuildPay’s network, let us know and we will sign them up. Specialty suppliers can also be paid by an acceptation process for hard to get or large quantity materials.
How is the card for materials funded?
Funds in the project escrow account is split into two buckets: one for labor, overhead and profit, the other for materials. Those material dollars can be accessed by using the BuildPay ACH card at the point of sale. Contractors never have to worry about cash flow when buying materials with BuildPay.
How do I get paid?
When a contractor or subcontractor sign up for a job on the BuildPay system, they link their bank account with their profile. Then, an owner or project manager can deposit money directly into their account.   BuildPay users can also see committed funds in the system before the work is done – confirming that there is available money for all the work being done.
How does this speed up the job?
No more waiting for checks to be delivered and cleared. No more stretching credit for materials or taking partial delivery to conserve funds. BuildPay speeds up and simplifies how people get paid, eliminating the normal delays that result when contractors or suppliers are waiting for payment before moving forward.
How long does it take to get paid with the BuildPay system?
BuildPay was built to get people paid. Period. As soon as a project owner sees work completed or a need for materials, funds move. Typically within 24 hours. No more chasing or “put-offs” to get paid.
How do PayWhenPaid and PayBeforePaid work?
PayWhenPaid™ (PWP) and PayBeforePaid™ (PBP) are both payment timing methods that help control project payments. PWP means that subs will be paid the instant that the GC is paid. The BuildPay advantage is that payments always move directly to the intented person/company’s bank account – funds can never be held in an account where they don’t belong. PBP allows subcontractors to get paid ahead of the regular project pay period. Lack of working capital and cash-flow restraints are a thing of the past.
What fees are associated with the material debit cards?
There are no card fees – BuildPay ACH cards operate like a cash transaction, with no debit or credit fees. Suppliers cover one-time set-up costs only. We don’t think it makes sense to pay extra just to get paid – and then have to add those costs back into the project cost.

All construction has one thing in common: it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay is the only company that’s connected at every stage of the project lifecycle and is leveraging advantages from the promises that we make sure are kept.

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